Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starcraft II 0007 (Blizzard)

This is what happen when you mess with the Morning Roar Tiger from Hungry Protoss LOL! I mass Stalkers with 6 Gates, and 1 Sentry for Show LOL. My random teammate also did the same thing too! I am light pink, so I got 20+ Stalkers and rape it clean! Obviously enemy was panic because I build 3 Phoenix and try to harass Zerg Overlord but it seems that Zerg have mass up Multalisk by early expand.

Red Expand slightly early unfortunate his teammate cannot drag the game longer. Need more longer time to build up more Carrier with Upgrade and need more time to play psychology with enemy unit. If his teammate success build up strong army, we will lose this game since we lost 1 of our Zerg Teammate.

Enemy Terran go for Mass Banshee and end up no Marines and Marauders and support. Pity Red only have 3 Carrier and some Void Rays but at the end our Orange Protoss take it all with Zealots + Stalkers and few Collossus which always get aimed by enemy unit. Look at the picture, Terran = 1 Banshee . . .

As you can see Multalisk + Stalkers VS Multalisk + Carrier, seriously wanted to say 1 thing, that Terran can't even do any shits about helping his teammate because he only mass Banshee and no Marines and Marauders. Remember I say what? Mass Marines can FTW but it seems many people thought Marines only will feed enemy.

By Kian Fai

Monday, April 25, 2011

Starcraft II 0006 (Blizzard)

Well, this is what happen when 4 Protoss VS 4 Protoss, most probably you will saw Mass Stalker all the way by both side of the Protoss player . . . dam Gay! And lucky that we all do the same too! If some of our teammate go on and build something longer, we will lose the game though. Not bad this game, can end it with Void Rays and Stalkers.

 Just now bump onto Ayashi, one of my friend know from Forum, not bad seriously, I was using Stalkers mix with Carriers. If you look at the image, enemy is still using Dark Templar to counter Ayashi Mass Marines. It was like wasting of time and waste all the gas for nothing. And Ayashi was all the way Mass Marines. Good 1 Ayashi.

Then this player named SNOWZ with SUPER DUDE HEAVY Air Unit Broodlord to end this game. Not a really bad games also but need to mass Carries in faster way so that I could end this game more perfect.

By Kian Fai

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hydralisk - Zerg (Blizzard)

Hi all, this is just an introduction and some tips for some gamers out there who had been playing in Starcraft II all the time. What is this creature? Most of us know that his creature name is Hydralisk, it is one of the most common use soldier in the front line in Starcraft Brood War. But now most of the player had been using lots of Roaches, Zerglings and Banelings. In Starcraft II, Hydralisk is one of the common use Soldier for Anti Air unit. Example when your enemy use mass Void Rays / Carrier / Multalisk / Phoenix / Banshee. You can use Hydralisks and use some Zerglings and Roaches to cover it, so for the victory rush, you may need to do this.

Some Starcraft II League games make me think that Hydralisk seriously FTW (with full upgrades)! Yes indeed, Hydralisk FTW when he use it with full upgrade and comes with group of Horde! Cant Guarantee that MMM will win it too (in Team League Games). Best use for Hydralisk is when enemy unit start to build up heck alot of Void Rays, and Hydralisk is weak against Zealot / Colossus / Roaches / Marauders and etc (you get what I mean).

A Hydralisk Close Up, I don't know who drawn this, definitely is one of the master piece.

Hydralisk itself cost 100 mineral and 50 gas. Remember build up Hydralisk Den so you can proceed build mass Hydralisk in action. Hydralisk only can learn Burrow, the sad thing is Hydralisk cannot become lurker in Starcraft II, rumors says that Lurker will appear in the expansion set of Starcraft II. You can research Grooved Spines for Hydralisk to increase +1 Range attack, cost 150 mineral and 150 gas.

Too bad I didn't really print screen much about how Hydralisk FTW in my mind. Remember scout enemy more, if discover there is mass Air Phrase, Hydralisk is your best friend! For more information, you can visit the official site and read more about Hydralisk too! Thanks for Reading!

By Kian Fai

Friday, April 22, 2011

Starcraft II 0005 (Blizzard)

Basically having some crap games just now. Very obvious that our side got 1 player got disconnected so this game is 3 vs 4. 2 of the Protoss still going to continue building their cheese tower and seal 1 side of the path. They should have build those tower to protect their own base.

Example like this Protoss, he settle up his base very nice and fine, Zerg Multalisk couldn't really drill into his base. 2 of these Protoss did a really good job by building up air unit.

Enemy Multalisk + 2 groups of Void Rays . . . And surprisingly my Marine and another Carrier wipe them off . . . Great Move!

Still . . . another group of Stalker just trying to shoot down our Void Rays and Carrier and ignoring my Marines and Marauders . . . Anyway, you can see image above, don't try to do some stupid thing like that. Have Fun!

By Kian Fai

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starcraft II 0004 (Blizzard)

Oh well last few match was pathetic fine game for me, just wondering there is still alot of dumb player outside there. And I just realize Zerg mass with Mutalisk is dam Imbalance. Especially 2 Zerg team up and both team have full force of Multalisk, the game definitely win unless you do something awful and stupid.

Talk about stupid person, he himself ask for suggestion what we or he should build, and he decide himself to have mass Colossus and I mass Stalker which is can shoot air. Unfortunately he act dam dumb at the end of the game build mass Gateway and place there for fun. What a dumb and childish person . . .

Not to forget to post something over here and the map is District 10, 2nd time on this map and win it. Trying to harass enemy base by using little amount of Banshee and enemy straight away build up more than 4 Missile Turret I think.If he don't do that, he have to suffer more wrath from Banshee Harassment. 

District 10 map is kind of funny and need to be-careful because very easy get harassment if you don't guard your place in proper formation. If your base entrance have this obstacle called "Destructible Debris", please do not break it! It is for your own good! Actually I didn't build any detector so I think I did a slightly mistake over here.

 Not to forget to thanks to one of this player, his Void Rays skill is kinda crappy and when reach victorious, he's very serious to face the battle and win game for us. Thanks.

At last, I don't do anything stupid about second picture, it seriously gonna make me puke.

By Kian Fai

Monday, April 18, 2011

L4D2 0001

Well it had been long time didn't play this game, of course this game will cause you amount of time and you need to have a great teammate to survive the following map in Left 4 Dead 2. Me and my friend manage to make a good team and 2v2 with another 2 of other friends.

If you guys stay in Subang area, can hook me up in ss15 area. Haha you smell challenge? Nawh just play for fun alright? My skill in this game is getting rusty yo! Hardly alt+tab on this pc or else you guys sure have more screen shot for this L4D2 game.

Have Fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starcraft II 0003 (Blizzard)

District 10 is a New Map? Well anyways first time touch this map and first time win this game! I am doing Marine and Siege Tank and the rest of them what they had made can see from the image too!
Oh well what I wanna post here is, view the photo above! Fail DT! And I think this person mind is DT can seriously FTW! Well not in front of my gate anyways, bunker + a missile turret enough to take you guys down! And of course I got 2 siege tank with me. This Protoss didn't really assist his teammate while his teammate got caught attack by us! No army, pure DT. Naive :)

Void Rays kissing a command center! Munch munch munch!

I would think that mass Colossus is a bad idea, good thing this photo tell me that mass stalker with at least another 5 Colossus assist in the war bombing game. Thor is very expensive thou!

Mass Thor can really hit people ass hard but move very slow too! If handle with careless may harm your own base too! Because nothing to counter attack the enemy! Well this guy done a really good job and teammate of mine didn't really got counter attack by enemy. Only DT attack I think!

By Kian Fai

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic Trailer Captivate 2011

Watch Youtube Trailer Here (In HD)

Wow! Anyone up for this game? It seems to be very awesome game, love it because Tekken character is gonna appear and cross over with Street Fighter! Didn't really research up on this game. If you guys try it, why don't leave a message here? Thanks!

By Kian Fai

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starcraft II 0002 (Blizzard)

Well above photo that there is 2 leavers in opposite team and another 2 of them still die trying to win this game, and both of them were very fast build up the army. What's the point? They don't have the awareness of Dark Templar. Usually as a Protoss player, most of them they cheese DT with back of the base. But this silly Terran build his detector at front base. Well too bad for him, his command center couldn't land in the good spot and scan me, because I use another Dark Templar to tail his command center. Anyways, was planning to chill with Terran race but it seems that some cheesy game and some mind fucked player force me to play Protoss to deal with them. One of my teammate ask for help because he screw up his own army. Ok . . . No use to explain over here. If you guys wanna try Starcraft II, I remember there is a reload card to play Starcraft II online. Feel free to check it out!

By Kian Fai

Monopoly Millionaires (Facebook)

Do you play Monopoly? Well this is one of the Facebook Game I had played, one of the long live game from Playfish. If you had heard about and play Pet Society before, sure you know about Playfish.

Same as other Playfish game, need time to load, and you need to "Like" Monopoly Facebook Fanpage and do something about it as well too!

For my advice, you must try to save up to 10gold and buy this Doggie, it helps you to find more property cards. You can refer image below how this Doggie special ability works.

 So when you searching for property card without Doggie help, you might lose a chance to get a property card you need. With Doggie special ability, it helps you to find those property card with Doggie palm mark on it.

This Monopoly Game need a lot of time and patience if you serious about this game, tips above is one of my advice too, feel free to buy the doggie, it helps a lot! Same game with other Playfish games, will ask you to visit your friend place and roll dice on it. If you unlucky, you will set into Jail! Have Fun alright!

By Kian Fai

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starcraft II 0001 (Blizzard)

Hi, this is my very first blogpost about Starcraft II, I like to play team game as in 4v4 or 3v3.
Practically I will only post screen shoot only! For gaming experience you should visit Blizzard Official Website for more information! Thank You!

Image posted below, please click to enlarge the view! Thanks!
Marine with Mass Siege Tank.

This Screen Shoot is to prove that Marauders > Stalkers + Roaches.

Marine with Mass Siege Tank.

Funny Thing about this is, enemy with 4 Protoss and they plan to mass Zealot rush by building the building outside of the base! Such a failures! Because one of my Protoss teammate had success by cheesing one of the Protoss.

By Kian Fai