Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hydralisk - Zerg (Blizzard)

Hi all, this is just an introduction and some tips for some gamers out there who had been playing in Starcraft II all the time. What is this creature? Most of us know that his creature name is Hydralisk, it is one of the most common use soldier in the front line in Starcraft Brood War. But now most of the player had been using lots of Roaches, Zerglings and Banelings. In Starcraft II, Hydralisk is one of the common use Soldier for Anti Air unit. Example when your enemy use mass Void Rays / Carrier / Multalisk / Phoenix / Banshee. You can use Hydralisks and use some Zerglings and Roaches to cover it, so for the victory rush, you may need to do this.

Some Starcraft II League games make me think that Hydralisk seriously FTW (with full upgrades)! Yes indeed, Hydralisk FTW when he use it with full upgrade and comes with group of Horde! Cant Guarantee that MMM will win it too (in Team League Games). Best use for Hydralisk is when enemy unit start to build up heck alot of Void Rays, and Hydralisk is weak against Zealot / Colossus / Roaches / Marauders and etc (you get what I mean).

A Hydralisk Close Up, I don't know who drawn this, definitely is one of the master piece.

Hydralisk itself cost 100 mineral and 50 gas. Remember build up Hydralisk Den so you can proceed build mass Hydralisk in action. Hydralisk only can learn Burrow, the sad thing is Hydralisk cannot become lurker in Starcraft II, rumors says that Lurker will appear in the expansion set of Starcraft II. You can research Grooved Spines for Hydralisk to increase +1 Range attack, cost 150 mineral and 150 gas.

Too bad I didn't really print screen much about how Hydralisk FTW in my mind. Remember scout enemy more, if discover there is mass Air Phrase, Hydralisk is your best friend! For more information, you can visit the official site and read more about Hydralisk too! Thanks for Reading!

By Kian Fai

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