Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monopoly Millionaires (Facebook)

Do you play Monopoly? Well this is one of the Facebook Game I had played, one of the long live game from Playfish. If you had heard about and play Pet Society before, sure you know about Playfish.

Same as other Playfish game, need time to load, and you need to "Like" Monopoly Facebook Fanpage and do something about it as well too!

For my advice, you must try to save up to 10gold and buy this Doggie, it helps you to find more property cards. You can refer image below how this Doggie special ability works.

 So when you searching for property card without Doggie help, you might lose a chance to get a property card you need. With Doggie special ability, it helps you to find those property card with Doggie palm mark on it.

This Monopoly Game need a lot of time and patience if you serious about this game, tips above is one of my advice too, feel free to buy the doggie, it helps a lot! Same game with other Playfish games, will ask you to visit your friend place and roll dice on it. If you unlucky, you will set into Jail! Have Fun alright!

By Kian Fai

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