Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starcraft II 0002 (Blizzard)

Well above photo that there is 2 leavers in opposite team and another 2 of them still die trying to win this game, and both of them were very fast build up the army. What's the point? They don't have the awareness of Dark Templar. Usually as a Protoss player, most of them they cheese DT with back of the base. But this silly Terran build his detector at front base. Well too bad for him, his command center couldn't land in the good spot and scan me, because I use another Dark Templar to tail his command center. Anyways, was planning to chill with Terran race but it seems that some cheesy game and some mind fucked player force me to play Protoss to deal with them. One of my teammate ask for help because he screw up his own army. Ok . . . No use to explain over here. If you guys wanna try Starcraft II, I remember there is a reload card to play Starcraft II online. Feel free to check it out!

By Kian Fai

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