Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starcraft II 0003 (Blizzard)

District 10 is a New Map? Well anyways first time touch this map and first time win this game! I am doing Marine and Siege Tank and the rest of them what they had made can see from the image too!
Oh well what I wanna post here is, view the photo above! Fail DT! And I think this person mind is DT can seriously FTW! Well not in front of my gate anyways, bunker + a missile turret enough to take you guys down! And of course I got 2 siege tank with me. This Protoss didn't really assist his teammate while his teammate got caught attack by us! No army, pure DT. Naive :)

Void Rays kissing a command center! Munch munch munch!

I would think that mass Colossus is a bad idea, good thing this photo tell me that mass stalker with at least another 5 Colossus assist in the war bombing game. Thor is very expensive thou!

Mass Thor can really hit people ass hard but move very slow too! If handle with careless may harm your own base too! Because nothing to counter attack the enemy! Well this guy done a really good job and teammate of mine didn't really got counter attack by enemy. Only DT attack I think!

By Kian Fai

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