Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starcraft II 0004 (Blizzard)

Oh well last few match was pathetic fine game for me, just wondering there is still alot of dumb player outside there. And I just realize Zerg mass with Mutalisk is dam Imbalance. Especially 2 Zerg team up and both team have full force of Multalisk, the game definitely win unless you do something awful and stupid.

Talk about stupid person, he himself ask for suggestion what we or he should build, and he decide himself to have mass Colossus and I mass Stalker which is can shoot air. Unfortunately he act dam dumb at the end of the game build mass Gateway and place there for fun. What a dumb and childish person . . .

Not to forget to post something over here and the map is District 10, 2nd time on this map and win it. Trying to harass enemy base by using little amount of Banshee and enemy straight away build up more than 4 Missile Turret I think.If he don't do that, he have to suffer more wrath from Banshee Harassment. 

District 10 map is kind of funny and need to be-careful because very easy get harassment if you don't guard your place in proper formation. If your base entrance have this obstacle called "Destructible Debris", please do not break it! It is for your own good! Actually I didn't build any detector so I think I did a slightly mistake over here.

 Not to forget to thanks to one of this player, his Void Rays skill is kinda crappy and when reach victorious, he's very serious to face the battle and win game for us. Thanks.

At last, I don't do anything stupid about second picture, it seriously gonna make me puke.

By Kian Fai

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