Friday, April 22, 2011

Starcraft II 0005 (Blizzard)

Basically having some crap games just now. Very obvious that our side got 1 player got disconnected so this game is 3 vs 4. 2 of the Protoss still going to continue building their cheese tower and seal 1 side of the path. They should have build those tower to protect their own base.

Example like this Protoss, he settle up his base very nice and fine, Zerg Multalisk couldn't really drill into his base. 2 of these Protoss did a really good job by building up air unit.

Enemy Multalisk + 2 groups of Void Rays . . . And surprisingly my Marine and another Carrier wipe them off . . . Great Move!

Still . . . another group of Stalker just trying to shoot down our Void Rays and Carrier and ignoring my Marines and Marauders . . . Anyway, you can see image above, don't try to do some stupid thing like that. Have Fun!

By Kian Fai