Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starcraft II 0007 (Blizzard)

This is what happen when you mess with the Morning Roar Tiger from Hungry Protoss LOL! I mass Stalkers with 6 Gates, and 1 Sentry for Show LOL. My random teammate also did the same thing too! I am light pink, so I got 20+ Stalkers and rape it clean! Obviously enemy was panic because I build 3 Phoenix and try to harass Zerg Overlord but it seems that Zerg have mass up Multalisk by early expand.

Red Expand slightly early unfortunate his teammate cannot drag the game longer. Need more longer time to build up more Carrier with Upgrade and need more time to play psychology with enemy unit. If his teammate success build up strong army, we will lose this game since we lost 1 of our Zerg Teammate.

Enemy Terran go for Mass Banshee and end up no Marines and Marauders and support. Pity Red only have 3 Carrier and some Void Rays but at the end our Orange Protoss take it all with Zealots + Stalkers and few Collossus which always get aimed by enemy unit. Look at the picture, Terran = 1 Banshee . . .

As you can see Multalisk + Stalkers VS Multalisk + Carrier, seriously wanted to say 1 thing, that Terran can't even do any shits about helping his teammate because he only mass Banshee and no Marines and Marauders. Remember I say what? Mass Marines can FTW but it seems many people thought Marines only will feed enemy.

By Kian Fai

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