Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starcraft II 0008 (Blizzard)

Ok sorry for the late update, is kinda lazy here, well anyways I gonna do a short update over here, is about testing my speed of DT's, since most of the player on midnight doesn't aware of DT's at all and let worker die blindly.

Why DT's is so useful? Because DT's is invisible and need detector to detect it, and powerful slash damage but it didn't splash damage. How do you counter them? Simple, build some detector near your main building and worker can be secure, for Terran can build up a bunker and Turret together and for Zerg can build can build Spore Crawler with Spine Crawler. In each of the Team Leauge games always must aware about cheese and fast DT's, or else you will become dead meat and slow income (if you survive).

How I fast DT's? Of course you need some of your teammate build fast unit and defend for you and try to make as many Zealot as possible to block the entrance with Photon Canon. Single Gate > Cybernetic Core > Warp Gate upgrade + Council > DT Shrine + Robotic Facilities, remember grab enough gas and mineral and add on 2 more Warp-Gates. Summon 2-3 DT's and send them into Warp Prism, then drop them in (1) enemy base, then send your Warp Prism to another (2) enemy base and warp 2 DT's under Warp Prism, the do it continuously to (3) and (4). So I did make sure slower down their income and 1 of them manage to build detector in time.

Meanwhile thanks to another allies of mine, he had bucked up his air units with Battlecruisers and it is really gay! More then 8 Battlecruisers online and finish all of the base in few minutes. It is sad because enemy is attacking us too.

This is what happen when you didn't bring any observer with you, I can slash all the unit and slowly feed me alive! And it cost me 1 Nexus + 4 Stalkers and few Pylon and Photon Canon. Ah . . . whatever then.
And this player is dam smart because he use his Sentry to block my way . . .

Lucky I got buck up my land unit mass with Stalkers + Zealot and Void Rays. I must admit that I am lucky because I didn't get attacked til end of the game. I was lucky LOL! Nawh it is actually they wanna take off all the Terran unite first then aim me! LMAO! Thanks for reading this. Have fun in games!

By Kian Fai

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