Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heart of the Swarm Preview (Blizzard)

This is just a short update, to show my respect and gratitude toward Tychus Findlay. Dude, you coming back in this expansion? Are you becoming a cybrog? I bet you will Findlay, kill The Queen of Blade!
Sarah Kerrigan, it is totally different that what I know, her face is looks like Black Woman with her busty boobs and busty ass! Blame her outfit alright! Jim Raynor lovers, he had been trying so hard to rescue her and pull her away from the Zerg Race, and he thought she will not be with Zerg anymore. Somehow the teaser of Heart of the Swarm show us that Sarah Kerrigan run herself and assist in Zerg Mission! What Happen actually? Well I cant really wait for this coming up expansion!

 This is like one of the talent table of Sarah Kerrigan, you can select which skill u gonna add it and improve her skills and endurance. Kerrigan is kind of destroyer in the campaign and of course it is not immortal at all. Since she lost some of her power on the previous war against Jim Raynor and others. Unique interface and totally different with Wings of Liberty.

Abathur and Izsha, I believe both of them assist Kerrigan to archive the goal. I dunno what goal is that and it is interesting to know about it when the Expansion fully launch around the world. Abathur is a genius in manipulating DNA and mutagen to modify the swarm, Izsha is a advisor in Kerrigan mission. Both of them might be very important in the storyline and make sure do not miss it what will be going on between them, because I smell fishy! Tehee!

In Wings of Liberty Campaign, story required player to purchase upgrade your army ability, army and etc. Now in this Heart of the Swarm Campaign, you can do this in the Zerg Mission too! Example: Baneling itself can evolve into 2 mutation name as Gorgeling and Spitterling. Didnt know much information about this 2 mutation ability but it is obvious that one of the mutation spit acid like Spitter(L4D Infected) do! Actually in real gameplay of expansion, Zerg is gonna overwhelm other race and most of the top player in the world need to think how to counter Zerg brand new unit too!

So . . . Sarah Kerrigan is on her move now! I feel like buying this expansion and I might be buying it late! And also hope for sponsor too! I'm not a pro, I'm just love to have more fun!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.

Content & Picture above all belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. Feel free to visit the Main Website to have more information about upcoming Heart of the Swarm Teaser.


  1. The costume looks like tron eh!! LOL!! Why is the game now all looks like dota kind?? I wan Super Mario. XD

  2. Nice ah? will i get addict? if yes, this is a nice game! Lol

  3. i was thinking looks like alien weh. LOL

  4. @Tyng: it is a space wars lol

    @Eunice: you sure u wanna play? LOL

    @Kahmon: Dota = Warcraft 3 Map and Starcraft is under same development :)