Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MapleStory Resistance - Mechanic

Last few days ago, my friend Mike has introduce me this game. At first my comment was "MapleStory again?" Well yes is MapleStory again with this new patch called Resistance. Introduce 3 class name called Mechanic, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage. My friend ask me to play Mechanic, and he say there is a period of double experience which is help us leveling more faster.

I played 3days, 1day spend around 4hours and now my level of my character is level 50. And I can say it is very fast because I am slightly dumb in leveling for MapleStory. If the place of map is good, all you need is to use 1 skill to kill all the mobs surrounded that area. I think this is a promotion and the respawn rate is faster than normal. For those who wanted to try new class and it is a core leveler for MapleStory, try it now and don't wait!

When you reach 3rd and and 4th Job, you can change your Prototype mode to Siege Mode and Missile Tank. Missile Tank can shoot Laser Blast which is looks like Hyper Beam.

Final Skill of Mechanic on 4th Job, which is like transform yourself into Big Robot and launch heck alot of rocket! That is totally bad-ass and destroyer style! 

The video above show about the Trailer of MapleStory Resistance, which is current start up game video for all the MapleStory.

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Never heard of this game before.

  2. i remembered when i played, everyone hated the mechs since they were just too powerful. i still think that the evan is the funnest to play though.