Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Age of Empires Online

Any Age of Empires Fans out there? I had been starting playing since Age of Empires II then stop playing on third one, because it is too complicated. Well anyways just see this from some certain website and decide to search on youtube and google, and Age of Empires come out with Online games which is have more chance to oppose your Empire with other Empire often via online.

Same concept with previous AOE games, which is build your homeland starting via Town Center, train worker and build house, farm, mine place and wood piles station.

Slowly you will build your city until this kind of level, then you will train different unit & build different building too, which depends what country you belong.

Different country you pick, different kind of building and tradition will be done, just like previous AOE games.

If you have enough army, resources and building requirement, what will you going to do? Of course is going to start a war and conquer new land and build bigger and expend your own Empire!

Sometimes your enemy will give your big surprise, by expand more army and harass your own resources. Is like a thief thieving the resources from some village or town, just like incident from the past.

War Elephant was very cool! And it is my favorite build while in AOE II by choosing Persian!

This game is kind of cool and it just only launch last month! Installation requirement, I am not so sure about it, maybe you can check the website & twitter? It will be much better because the installation is via download.

Thanks for reading anyways, By Kian Fai.

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