Monday, April 23, 2012

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

Hey all, Thanks to Blizzard that I got chance to play this Diablo III Beta version on this weekend. Was really entertaining and need a very strong computer to handle all the graphic system. And also need a very strong connection to prevent disconnect on the internet, else it would be very pain in the ass.

Was playing all the classes except Wizard because I am getting boring by keep on killing this King Leoric, and it was a very simple gameplay, if your PC wasn't strong enough to handle the graphic, some spell might make your game very lag.

Facing King Leoric, the Skeleton King, with my Demon Hunter and the Templar.

This Diablo III open beta is just end at Skeleton King, there was more in this game and Diablo III is going to release on May 2012 anyways. I think many people who can afford this game will buy it, and I hope this game it won't be such as waste as Starcraft II.

Overall I still think Barbarian is the best, skill wise and vitality, such a Bull in this game and dealing great AOE damage to the monster. Somehow I dun feel like playing this skill called leap attack because you only can select few skill while in combat. If I can afford this game, I would buy and play Barbarian very hardcore.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Fuu! Barbarian best! Monk also not bad :D

  2. AAAAAARGH you got to play open beta! My computer definitely cannot handle the awesomeness of its graphics. T_T Still waiting for money to drop from the sky so i can get my rig together and kill some demons.