Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newbie with Battle.Net Account should take note!

Newbie with Battle.Net Account should take note!

I would like to express my feeling over here, regarding about how people troll Blizzard Entertainment on Games Forum. I did it once, but it is on random Malaysia forum, ain't funny thou. I read that gamer who is very new in Blizzard Entertainment didn't understand the purpose of server maintenance on today Tuesday (22th May, 2012), and keep on crying/raging on Diablo III forum. Purpose of server maintenance is to fix bug, improve server capability, improve account security and more, so other gamer will experience awesome game-play and experience from Blizzard Entertainment. I admit that I am fan-boy for Blizzard Entertainment ever since year 1990, starting right from Diablo I and Warcraft II.

I also experience battle-net account security issue(few years back when I playing World of Warcraft) because many hacker is selling gold from World of Warcraft by stealing from other players. I hope my account doesn't affected because I don't wish it happen to me. Diablo III not even 2 weeks old already got many player got hacked and most of them aren't aware about hacker issue. I think there is few reason that people cant get a full restoration for their item and gold, either player raging on game master without any hesitation or . . . you should know what is real-money auction house(link). I believe game master from Blizzard Entertainment are able to give full restoration if you are being: nice, polite, good behavior with game master, or else your item record is gone case. My account got hacked more than 2times and it is because of World of Warcraft gold, I know that feeling thou, I am very frustrating too! But within few days I get my item back with full restoration and I think that game master and others done a very good job.

Getting a Battle.Net account should really prepare to face these issue, whining on the forum doesn't help you at all. Try to behave nicely and you will get what you deserve.

For Battle.Net account and security, please check here.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

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  1. Good sharing. Strange that people prefer to whine than look at the reason for maintenance (unless it has become a common issue that is happening rather often).